Part 43: Zachary Quill, Porn.

My Dad did three things (that I knew of) to make a living when I was a kid; He coached aspiring performers, cooked in diners, and wrote porn

Part 42: A "Pop UP" Digital Art Show For Jan Svetlik

Today is Tuesday, September 8, 2020. I'm going to do a "mid-week" art show right here on this blog for my mother, because the fires surrounding us have made the air so bad we've been advised not to go outside, and I need a project. Plus art saves us, doesn't it? My mother and sister live in areas that are even worse off than we are here in Seattle, and although I've heard from my sister, (she may have to evacuate the area) I haven't heard from my mother in 24 hours. I'm worried. I'm also worried about how silly people are. Most forest fires are caused by human carelessness, and it's really depressing. Last night, as the air got really bad in the Pacific Northwest, my friend Mark told us that

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