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Only the best products

Stacya uses and recommends products that come from companies that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics – a commitment never to use ingredients linked to cancer or environmental damage.

Pevonia is a line of skin care products containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients. Any fragrance is derived from organic plants, and the company works to use packaging is post-consumer recyclable and fully biodegradable, and working to reduce plastics in the future. The company maintains a solid stance against any form of animal testing.

Pevonia continues to be a leader in the skin care industry, and is found in renowned resorts and spa hotels worldwide. Stacya uses and retails Pevonia products for all of these reasons – but most of all, because they really work! Stock up on products after your salon appointment or you can book time to shop by texting me at 206-270-9465.

This page, all photos by Thomas Schworer
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