Part 30: When Norma Was Nineteen

I found a page of my father's journal, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. I read it over and over. I remember our talks about her.

Part 29: The Cat and The Ashes

*The role of Jo's cat in this blog will be played by Sarah Harlett's cat, Alfie... Alfie is a member of SAG/AFTRA and Equity.

Part 28: Half-Sister, Full Blog. A History, by Leslie Sullivan.

This is a special guest post, written by my half-sister, Leslie. Below is a photo Leslie shared today, one I'd never seen. Jo (brunette on the left) with Riley (third from left) and another couple. Leslie and I wondered if the man is Jack Dempsey. Sure looks like him. I'll try to find something in Dad's journal to confirm. You decide, here's Jack Dempsey's wikipedia page. Ok, the rest of this blog is my half-sister, Leslie, writing about the stories she was told, what she remembers, and what she's discovered. From now on, when I write something, I'll put it in italics. In keeping with my sister’s blog of last week, today is 6/3/2020. I am watching the news after a long day of work, catching

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