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Stacya Silverman Gallery evolved out of a concept to have an alternative exhibition space within the salon to showcase fine art photographers. Co-curator Thomas Schworer and gallery founding members Ron Reeder and Judith Roan regularly show their work here.


Reeder’s work is most often printed in 19th Century processes, such as gum over palladium. Other photographic artists we’ve presented include Art Grice, Peter Olesen, Jay Defehr, Edye Colello-Morton, David Hiller, and the late Gary Grenell, whose exhibit “Five Blocks To Greenlake” was one of our first shows. We also occasionally feature exceptional artists in our shows who are not photographers, such as the automata creator Bliss Kolb and glass artist Wynia.


We present three to four exhibitions per year. All work is for sale.


We have opening receptions for each new exhibit, and we hope to see you there! Please get on our mailing list so you don’t miss out!

Current exhibit

Figures in Landscapes

Featuring Thomas Schworer

Stacya Silverman Gallery is pleased to present a stirring exhibit of portraits


Sat, Apr 2 from 3 – 6 pm

Sun, Apr 3 from 1 – 4 pm

Photo by Ron Reeder

“When there is death, there is still life through our love, memories and unexplained life cycle mysteries.” – Carla Elise


This is Carla Elise’s first show at the gallery, joining founding members Thomas Schworer and Ron Reeder. Carla Elise mixes the ashes of deceased loved ones into acrylic paints to create memorial paintings. She also incorporates old photographs, actual objects and telling imagery from a person’s life.


Thomas Schworer’s assemblages and still life photographs in this show harken back to his two primary mentors in the visual arts, both of whom died of HIV/AIDS. In these shadowed, quietly evocative works, Schworer invites the viewer into a conversation with their own heart and memories.


Ron Reeder’s stunning take on the theme of still life ranges from an abandoned bird’s nest, to the more traditional flowers in a vase. His work in this show is largely comprised of 19th Century-style palladium prints. Reeder ran a molecular biology research lab at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center (Seattle) until 2002 when he retired to pursue photography full time. He has printed work in almost every possible process, including tintype and albumen.


More information about Still + Life is available here.

Detail of assemblage by
Thomas Schworer
Detail of painting by Carla Elise
Photo by Ron Reeder
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