Stacya Silverman,

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Stacya Silverman Specializes in Eyebrows.

Whether you have overplucked your brows into a shape not found in nature, or you are a first time customer, you can trust Stacya to bring your face back into balance. A true believer in a natural looking eyebrow (the fastest way to age your face is to have very thin eyebrows) the appointment will improve your look in less than 10 minutes. Only $30.00, the brow wax is an instant "face lift".

Stacya focuses on eyebrow shaping, brow tinting and lip waxing. Brow shaping is the fastest, most cost effective beauty "lift" you can do for your face. If your eyebrows have been overtweezed, Stacya will talk you through where the grow out needs to occur, and tips with makeup to ease the transition. Mothers bring their teenage daughters in for age appropriate shaping before they learn bad habits from classmates. Men also benefit from eyebrow waxing, for a professional, clean and yet masculine look.

Stacya was Allure's insider pick for Best Eyebrow Waxer in Seattle, and crowned the "Waxing Queen" by the Seattle Weekly. Gift Certificates available. Stacya: 206-270-9465.

To schedule with Stacya, ring 206-270-9465

For Eyes, Eyebrows, Skin Care and Hair Removal, consult Stacya's fabulous associate Angelika Levin!
Angelika works by appointment in Stacya's studio in Seattle, on top of Queen Anne.
To schedule with Angelika ring at 206-228-8174

Kindly provide 24 hours advance notice of any needed scheduling change, or cancellation. Missed appointments may be charged the full rate of the scheduled service.

Located on Queen Anne, Seattle
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